Friday, February 17, 2017

Hunk-a hunk-a burning...airplanes?

I have been, as those in the know call it, in a book funk. Unable to read, unable to focus, paralyzed by the reality of a decimated political culture and - let's be honest here - the machinations of  an unethical, uninteresting, possibly illiterate boor sitting in the place of the Presidency. I can't look away from the daily chaos and humiliation that the United States must now embrace with this guy at the rudder. I will admit that I've begun to just meditate on pictures of Justin Trudeau, of Obama windsurfing in the Virgin Islands, of Jack Kennedy standing around looking fine. Where did we go wrong, as a nation? Honestly, I have a number of thoughts about that but they haven't quite yet come together, so we will save that rich topic for another day. But the good news - the great news! - is that after my daily Trudeau meditation today (I love to see him boxing - a head of state with a tattoo?! He's so Gen X!), I decided to clean my kitchen and tidy up my home and then, with Facebook and Twitter removed from my phone (as they should be, really), I sat down to read.

I finally settled on Shadowbahn by Steve Erickson.  The premise of the story is this: the Twin Towers suddenly arrive in the South Dakota Badlands, 20 years after 9/11. And then it starts to get weird.

I'm not through it yet, but I'm mesmerized and excited. I might actually finish a book this weekend! Maybe this is the breakthrough I've been looking for!!

If you're not busy with a book right now, I dare you to dive in and read this one with me. Don't you need a break from reality, anyway?

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