Wednesday, January 3, 2018

All the 2018 Bookeses: Lists Galore

Aren't you finished with your entire reading list of 2017 releases YET? Too bad, time's up! We're moving on to 2018 and you're going to be left in the cold, hard wind of yesterday's book releases if you don't jump to it! Go, go, go!


Or, just keep this handy dandy list bookmarked and check in whenever you're ready for a new release fix.  I'll be adding to this list of lists as they pop up over the course of the next few weeks - and then throughout the year, too.  You can thank me for saving you the cost of a new window (that's perfectly good book money!) later.
  1. The most important list: MINE. A full list of all the new releases I've put on hold at the library, on wish lists, on pre-order, and, yes, on the top of my teetering TBR pile. 
  2. Feeling upper crust? Here's a list from The Globe and Mail (be sure to read it in your best British accent).
  3. Always good to know what the cool girls over at Bustle are looking forward to devouring.
  4. Hello Giggles offers a relatively short list with commentary.
  5. BookRiot drives me a little insane but they do make some useful lists, like this one.
  6. This list has ALL THE BOOKS. And it's closely curated, too. Spiffy!
  7. See what the boys want to get their hands on.

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